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Tami's Trip to Maui and Kauai with The Travel Exchange

hawaii 1Very excited, I flew from San Jose on November 16, 2014 to the Kapalu Airport on Maui, on Hawaiian Airlines. From the time you sit in your seat on the plane, you feel that you have already arrived in Hawaii, everyone in their Hawaiian dress and so warm and friendly.


Maui Goodness

Prime Ocean View Maui Hotel Room Ocean View Maui in early December. The climate was noticeably dryer and cooler for my stay, a thin sweater came in handy. Stayed a few nights at Hyatt Regency, still a favorite with oversized rooms and amazing views. This super resort has no lack of actives but an often overlooked experience is Hyatt’s “Tour of the Stars”.


Australia Trip

Sandy’s  Amazing Aussie Adventure- A Taste of Australia-- September 15-25, 2013 (Spring time).


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Ivy’s trip to Mexico at the Grand Velas Resort Rivera Nayarit

For starters arriving at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport was an interesting surprise because it appears that they completely renovated the airport so it felt more like I was walking through an Ikea with marble floors as opposed to an airport.